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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Revisiting an Old Story.....

I had the opportunity to visit with one of our customers recently who had just had replacement windows installed by Dalco and she told me she wanted to pass on her experience with one of the so-called $189 window vendors. When she was done, she told me we should post her story on our web page and let everyone know what she came to learn.

Well as truth would have it, we had already published a story some three years back that fit her experience to a tee.  So, we elected to re post our original story as posted in 2011.  It seems little has changed in three years......

Our post as it appeared back in 2011:

"We (Dalco) recently signed a contract with a gentleman; we’ll call him Mr. Jones, to replace the windows in his home.  After concluding, Mr. Jones thanked us for the way we conducted our business and then wanted to pass on his experience with one of the $189 window companies.
He began by saying he was “a little skeptical at the $189 price, but thought it worth looking in to.”
He went on, “You know the old saying; ‘if it looks too good to be true’, well it was!”
Mr. Jones continued, “Yes, I could have a double hung window for $189.00; but, if I wanted a screen-extra, if I exterior trimmed-extra, Low-E or the Argon-extra, grids-extra.”
“As it turned out; the $189 guy’s final price for my double hung windows with all the things I wanted, and that you [Dalco] included; was more!”
But, the story didn’t end there.  “Your Dalco bid also included a small picture window in the bathroom and a casement window in the kitchen……”
Mr. Jones exclaimed, “The $189 guy’s quote for that little window in the bathroom (a window with NO working parts) was $477.00 installed….that’s more than twice the advertised $189.00 price…and no working parts!  And, the kitchen window, I won’t even talk about!”
“Well”, Mr. Jones said, “I’m sure glad I took a look at Dalco’s prices before I signed.  I saved some money and relearned an old lesson!”
We’re glad Mr. Jones decided to invite Dalco to install his new windows and even more so he made the correct decision to check out the final pricing before placing his order with one of the $189 guys.  Thanks Mr. Jones and remember us for your other remodeling needs…Dalco!"
Well, it IS true....You CAN get a window for $189....but, like Mr. Jones and many customers since;  it pays to shop....THE WHOLE PRICE and compare.  We were competitive then (even lower with the overall bid) and still are today.
Everybody has a story....Ours is simple: QUALITY, SERVICE, FAIR PRICING....theirs, is a good marketing "hook" to get your attention, then sell you hard.

Our slogan has been and remains: "if you buy from someone else and find out how much you could have saved at Dalco, 'You'll Blow Your Stack"!

Check us out at: www.dalcohomeremodeling.com or call for your free in home estimate. 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Comparing Replacement Window Warranties

Dalco’s Elite 4000 Window has a far better Warranty than Renewal by Anderson

When shopping for new replacement windows, savvy homeowners should know to seek the one that best fits their needs, has the best standard features, available options, energy performance ratings, price and perhaps most important, warranty.

When comparison shopping for windows you may be shocked and surprised at the vast differences you’ll find regarding the duration and scope of the warranty coverage.

Nothing reveals the truth about a window more than its Warranty

The warranty is much more than a printed document.  It is a true reflection of how much confidence the manufacturer has in the quality of their products.  After all, it’s no secret that only the best products receive the best warranties; and the best warranties offer the best protection and value.  Common sense, yes?

Dalco’s Elite 4000 replacement window is not only a beautiful, low-maintenance window; its robust design and energy performance is second to none.  In fact, you’ll find no better replacement window on the market.  To prove it, we offer the best owner protection policy in the industry.  Simply put, there IS NO better warranty than the Elite 4000.

Full Lifetime Warranty vs. the Limited Warranty

The Dalco Elite4000 is protected by a FULL LIFETIME owner protection policy.  This is a Non-Pro-Rated lifetime warranty that is even transferrable to the next property owner.  The Elite 4000 warranty includes Lifetime coverage on ALL components—all moving parts, frame, sash and screen components.  And, best of all---- Lifetime Glass Breakage.

Let’s take a moment to compare the Elite 4000 warranty to that of another window you’ve likely heard of…the Renewal Window by Anderson.  Big name, must be one of the best on the market because everyone’s heard of it!  Right?---Wrong!!  Spending a whole lot of money marketing a product doesn’t always equate to being ‘the best’!  Actually a side-by-side comparison reveals the Anderson warranty to be inferior to the Elite 4000, in several ways.  Anderson offers only a 10 Year Limited Warranty with a 20 year for glass failure and NO breakage warranty at all!  This pales compared to the Elite’s FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY.

When spending your hard earned dollars

Failing to fully compare window systems and warranties can lead to a poor purchase decision and wasted money.  Ask yourself, which would I rather do….pay for expensive glitzy ads, Anderson; or a better product, superior performance and full lifetime warranty coverage, the Elite 4000 by Dalco!

We invite you to learn more about the Elite 4000 window and it’s system details at our web site; www.dalcohomeremodeling.com

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Mystery of Tub Liners....

What exactly is a tub liner?  As the name implies, it is a liner, usually made of plastic, it is heat molded to ‘fit’ your tub and then glued in.  Most of the tub liner companies will also offer tub/shower wall liners.  When combined, the end result is usually eye appealing....but.
What is the cost of a liner project?  Prices vary greatly, but most well known liner companies will charge in the neighborhood of $7000 and up for the combination tub and wall liner.  In most cases, you will not get a new faucet or repair to rotted wood.

$7000 an up AND no floor or wall repair...no faucet!!!!! 

YES...that's right; over $7000 for a quick fix that DOES NOT address underlying problems!
So why one would ask does anyone buy a liner?
Simple.....YOU'RE BEING BRAINWASHED....That's right, you've been made to believe; through advertising, that liners cost less!!!! 

GUESS WHAT....WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AT THOSE PRICES LINERS COST MORE---ALOT MORE!!!! AND.....you don't even get a new valve or repair to underlying problems.
So, what do you get from Dalco:
  1. We take the old surround down to studs.
  2. We take out the tub or pan.
  3. We inspect the subfloor and repair if required, replace for a modest add on.
  4. We take out your old valve.
Now you get NEW:
  1. New valve.
  2. New tub or shower pan.
  3. New moisture resistant sub board on the walls.
  4. New cultured marble surround.
Cost....Less than $7000.00....Less than $6000.00...Usually less than $5000.00 and all for the inconvenience of one extra day!


Don't trust my Blog....request a bid....see how much your costs actually are....Remember; 'When you find out how much you could have saved at Dalco...you'll blow your stack'.

dalcohomeremodeling.com for your free in home estimate.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Disabled Accessibility Bathroom Remodeling...A Guide

Remodel to Stay In Your Home
Remodeling to stay in your home…I read an article recently about a new trend in remodeling, that being to make some basic changes in order to remain in ones home even after suffering an illness that could make certain areas of your home inaccessible due to an illness or disability.
No room in the home is less accessible, ADA or disability friendly… than our typical 5 x 7 bathroom.
Well…there are some things that can be done to turn this around without completely upending the entire house.
First, we start at the door…in most cases your typical door is only 30 inches wide, no where near enough for a wheel chair which needs a minimum of 36″.   With very little effort, the door can be made wider or in some cases removed.  Now….you are able to at least GET IN!
Next is the vanity…this gets in the way of making the door wider…so we look at wall hung lavs or ped lavs as an option.  Both will allow for the chair to pull up closer to the sink.  Then consider the faucet…a high arc with paddle handles is just the ticket; easy to reach & use even if your disability has left the use of your hands at a minimum.
The toilet…remove that old low to the ground unit and replace it with what we call an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved one.  Add to this grab bar assist(s) and in many cases accessibility has been restored.
The tub….what to do…a disability may make standing difficult, much less getting in and out of a bathtub.

We counsel the need to have a standard tub in your home for resale value, but IT IS YOUR HOME!  Resale value may not be high on your priority list.  We now have a good selection of shower bases that retro fit right over the existing plumbing.  Installing one with a low profile or even a ramped, fully handicap accessible base should fit most requirements allowing the user to roll right in to the shower area.
Finally, change out the fixed shower head with a hand held, add in a couple of grab bars, waterproof shower chair….AND…what was a task that once seemed out of reach….becomes manageable for many disabled individuals.
When the remodel is complete, the nightmare of using something as simple as a standard bathroom has been made at the very least usable once again.  Dignity and self reliance has been restored and hopefully; you’ll be able to enjoy your home and its familiar surrounding for years to come.  www.dalcohomeremodeling.com

Friday, January 13, 2012

Winters Cold Winds

After a long Holiday rest, it's back to work and a new year.

It's also back to winters cold winds, snow and ice AND cold winds blowing in around your old inefficient windows.

If you were one of the fortunate few who took advantage of tax breaks for energy efficient purchases, you are feeling the comfort of brand new vinyl replacement windows.  But, if not, you're about to suffer through another winter.

DON'T DO IT!!!!  Call Dalco Home Remodeling today for a free in home estimate and see just how affordable brand new energy efficient replacement windows can be. 

Dalco can usually install your new windows in just one day and you will begin to feel the difference right away.  Those drafty cold spots will have vanished.  Your heat bills will be lower. AND you no longer have to dress for the outside trying to live inside.

Don't be fooled by cheap substitutes with wild claims for unheard of low prices.  Look for windows that carry the genuine "Energy Star" label.

Dalco....remodeling St. Louis one home at a time for over 30 years.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Granite or Quartz

Many remodeling magazines are reporting granite may be on the way out with quartz products taking the number one position as material of choice.

We can tell you we have seen a significant increase in the number of requests to quote quartz tops, when only a few months ago nobody was even interested.

Why the move?  We think there is a combination of factors.  First, quartz manufacturers have done a very fine job of imitating nature. Second, the cost on most quartz has come down and offers the consumer another option.  Third, there is still the lingering issue with sealing.  Even though we have seen great improvements in sealer technology, there is still that issue.  Fourth, safety....even with the new sealers, many of the natural products still present a certain hazard when it comes to allowing bacteria finding places to hide.  And, lastly there is the staining issue.  With granite there is always a potential issue, while with quartz staining is really nonexistent.

We still encourage our customers to at least look.  Even though the quartz products are doing a much better job imitating nature, there is still nothing like the real thing.

So when it comes time to make your decision; take into account all the potential issues, get advice from a number of sources and then choose the surface that will best serve you and your family.

You will probably only do this once; you want to make the most informed decision as possible.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Garbage Disposers

It's the Holidays again, that time of year for friends and loved ones.  It's also that time of the year for stopped up drains!!!!

Every year we discuss how to properly use a garbage disposer with our clients who have had one installed for the first time.  And, every year there are at least a couple of angry or panicked messages on our voice mail.

Please folks.....SAVE YOURSELVES A MAJOR HEADACHE!  Garbage disposers and your plumbing system were never designed to take heavy amounts of ground waist.  Many of us have learned the hard way; lucky ones have listened to the nightmare situations of those who've experienced the stopped up drain and avoided the problem.

NEVER peel your potatoes or carrots into the disposer....these will simply slide down the sides and stop up your drain.

ALWAYS, scrape your plates and servers into the trash.  You can then rinse off the remainder into the disposer.

If you do get a clog, don't panic....it's an easy fix.  Put a pan under the "P" trap, loosen the compression fittings, remove the trap and pull the peelings out.  Re-attach in reverse order, tighten down and flush with a full sink of water.  Don't try to use liquid drain cleaners, you'll only make the mess worse.

Hopefully one of these Holidays we won't get the call....probably not.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When is the best time to remodel

Remodeling is very much like investing in the stock market....most of us do it at the wrong time.  We wait; we wait until something minor becomes major and we're forced to accept a price that could have been avoided.

Take roof replacement as a very good example.  Your roof is 25 or 30 years old, you've had repairs done in the past and you HOPE it will make it through the next Spring.  But, the heavy rains come and you get a leak.  This time not a small one, but one that now  rushes in ...damages your ceiling.  You call one roofing company after another and find out it will be weeks before they can even look at it, in the mean time it rains some more.  You finally get an estimate or two and you are staggered by the cost.

You could have save all those head aches and gotten your roof replaced for probably thousands less in December or January...this is the slow season for roofers and they want to keep crews busy and will make deals...you save money.

Interior remodeling, say a new kitchen...buy it in December and have it installed in January or February.  Everyone's thinking about the gift giving season and December is the Kitchen and Bath industries slowest month.  Again, you will get your best deal by helping the remodeler fill his back log.  You may even give that special someone the absolute perfect gift for the holidays.

So don't "buy high and sell low" like so many of us do with our stocks...invest in your property now, increase it's value and give yourself the comfort of knowing you are getting the most for your buck.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cleaning Tips

We are asked all the time about how to care for the many products we sell and install.

The first thing we tell everyone is read the care and cleaning instructions that may have come with the products.  Always follow these before relying on anything we may recommend.

First, most everyone spends far too much on "fast acting" "easy clean" "set it and forget it" cleaning products....we have not seen any of these that really work all that well and most have very harsh chemicals that can actually do more harm than good.

Stay away from any product containing acid.  Whether or not the products you buy contain acid can sometimes be hard to tell from reading the label.  If you are in doubt, call the phone number listed on the product.

Why stay away from acid?  Acid will cause caulk to 'de-laminate' from the surfaces it is trying to seal.  Many metals will have a negative reaction to acids.  Acid will also break down sealers, rendering them useless.
Ammonia based products are also very tough on caulk and sealed surfaces and should be avoided.  What about vinegar?  Believe it or not, vinegar though good on some surfaces is also an acid and will harm caulk and sealed surfaces.

What CAN be used?

The tile, granite and caulk folks are all calling for PH balanced cleaners.  These will not cause caulk to fail or harm sealers.  Many of the "green" cleaners are PH balanced and are good to use...just read your labels, you should also avoid the citrus based cleaners.

We have had very good luck over the last few years with 'Simple Green' for harder to clean surfaces.  This product is bio friendly and seems to work very well in tubs/shower areas.

Granite should be cleaned with simple dishwater soap and water.  If you experience streaking, rinse with distilled water and dry with soft cloth.

Cabinets may be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild dishwater soap.  Do not attempt to add furniture polish or oils to the cabinet surfaces.  Use of a non-stick shelf liner will help protect the interiors and add to life of your new cabinets.  Do not oil or grease the hinges or glides, this will actually violate the cabinet warranty.

Floors, always follow product directions for hardwood.  Tile and vinyl can be cleaned using a mild mixture of the Simple Green or like cleaner.  You may add a product like Lysol to kill bacteria.

As mentioned, always follow label directions first.  The above hints have been passed on to us over the years from our many customers or by first hand trial.

Save money, time in the long run and help the environment....nobody can object to this formula.

Good luck and enjoy your new remodeled kitchen or bath.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Windows...Keep the Winter Cold Out

Even though the tax incentives are all but expired; It's still not to late to bennefit from the savings you can pile up this winter.
New energy saving windows are PROVEN to save energy, while keeping you warm in your home.
With Dalco's Energy Star rated vinyl replacement windows, you will begin to notice savings almost right away.  You will also now be able to actually open those drapes you used to leave closed to help cut down the drafts from your old leaky wood or aluminum windows.  Gone too will the ice build up on sash frames.
So even though you may have missed the tax breaks, call Dalco and start your savings now and have a warm and safe winter 2011.
The Dalco Team

Friday, October 21, 2011

Remodel Now or Wait?

Obviously we have a vested interest in folks calling for remodeling at any time...but, let's take a look at a few reasons why remodeling now, may make more sense than you think.

First, money...for the first time ever 30 year mortgage rates fell below 4%, many credit card rates are hovering around 10%, home equity loans at 2%, unsecured loans at 8% and so on.  CHEAP money!  An old axiom in college was never use your own money, with these rates it never made more sense to use the other guys!

Second, home value....for many around the country values have dropped by double digit percentages.  Here in St. Louis, we've been fairly lucky and have avoided huge drops, but most experts agree you must 'value add' to your home every 10 years.  This, along with the cheap money, makes now the most sensible time to improve.

Third, prices...with the flat economy, much of the building product industry has held pricing.  This WILL NOT last much longer.  There is an enormous amount of money in the market held by folks just like you and when the dam breaks there will be a flood to new homes and remodeling.  This demand will put a strain on supply and prices WILL go up.

Fourth, energy savings....new windows, doors and siding technology has made these products almost 'super effecient' and will add to energy saving.  Not only good for the pocket book, but the environment as well.

Lastly, most folks overlook the utility of remodeling.  Not only will the remodel increase your property value, but will add to your personal comfort.  These two factors are why remodeling returns such a high value at time of re-sale.

Just like refinancing makes all the sense in the world, so does remodeling.  We doubt you will ever have all these factors in your favor again, at least not in our lifetimes.  Don't wake up 10 or 12 months from now and say to your self....'I wish I had re-done my kitchen when those prices were that low'!

Dalco, Kitchen Remodeling and Refacing, Bathroom Remodeling, Roof Replacement, Replacement Windows and Doors, Siding and Insulation.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Remodeling to Sell

Many of us are struggling to sell our existing homes in order to take advantage of the fantastic home loan rates and make a move up.  If you are like the majority of us and have had trouble getting buyers interested in your current home, you may want to take a serious look around…the answer may be right in front of you.
Realestate agents will tell you there are some very basic things new buyers look at to even become remotely interested in a property.
  The first is curb appeal.  Trim back bushes, remove some if the yard looks overgrown, keep the grass cut and fix any broken or missing screens.
  Once you get the prospect inside, two areas you will want to pay close attention to….the kitchen and bathrooms.
  Some may be able to improve the appearance with just new paint, but usually updating is needed.  Dalco can do simple facelifts with cabinet refacing, new counters and tile in kitchens or lining the tub/shower walls in the bathroom.
  If your project requires more intensive work, we can do complete remodeling also.  Getting these areas in shape has shown to improve your chances to land contracts and in many cases return the investment at time of sale.
  Visit us on line at http://www.dalcohomeremodeling.com/  ; come by our showroom at 13795 St. Charles Rock Rd; or call for a FREE in home estimate 314-298-7300.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Windows; Why is Vinyl a Better Choice? by guest author Dan

Why are vinyl windows a better choice than windows made from wood or aluminum?
Your choice of framing material goes a long way toward determining the longevity and energy-efficiency of the total window system. Wood windows possess excellent thermal qualities but are prone to weather deterioration and require maintenance (painting) at regular intervals. Aluminum windows are very durable, yet offer little insulating value because they conduct energy rapidly.

Vinyl windows are your best choice because they offer thermal characteristics similar to wood, are extremely durable and provide a finish that is virtually maintenance-free. Also, keep in mind that the best performing vinyl window systems have multi-chambered frames with welded corners.

This is a first in a series of articles by guest author, Dan

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

By The Time You See It, It's Too Late.....

We've posted here and on our website's 'News & Notes' page advice and our approach to the tub/shower liner business.

If you look back thru this site you will find one of our blogs about liners with a few photos of jobs that originally thought they could just do a liner.  In many cases, like these, the damage is so obvious that a liner can be discounted as an alternative.

But, we had a case recently where we were convinced a liner was not a good way to go, because to our eyes it looked like there would be trouble behind the walls.  The homeowner though wasn't completely convinced, but went with our judgement anyway.

Well, we did the remodel a couple of weeks ago and when we took out the tile and wall board......let's just say there was no room for doubt anymore.  It turned out the original valve had a very slow leak and had been soaking the wall board and 2 x 4's for quite some time.  The smell, not very pleasant!  We called in the clean up crew and a few days later we were able to get back in, install the new valve, moisture board and surround. 

I had a chance to visit with our client shortly after we were completed and she confessed, she hadn't been completely convinced about the need to do a complete take out; but, was now very thankfull she had it done. 

She went on to say something I think will stick with me for quite awhile...."by the time you see it, it's too late", refering to what to her was minor damage, but to us indicated something more serious requiring a repair more than a liner could give. 

Think about it for a minute...how many people get up one morning and decide to simply change the look of their bath alcove?  Most of the time it's done because there is some visible problem. Our client is very right.....'by the time you see it'; it's usually going to be too late to simply cover it up.

You can clean the surface as thoroughly as you want, but if the problem is subsurface, all the cleaning in the world and then a liner won't make the problem go away. You'll just be able to hide it for a while.

At Dalco, "We fix problems, we don't just cover them up"!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why Choose Dalco for Your New Roof...


A neighbor of mine recently asked three very well known St. Louis based roofing companies to give him a bid for a new roof and expected he would have a meeting with someone from each to go over his needs, give him ideas and explain his options.

After making his calls; he waited patiently for these companies to call.  To his amazement, NOT ONE ever set an appointment.  He eventually received a proposal from each in the mail, he didn't even know any of them had been to his home!
He called me because he also had an appointment set with Dalco and wondered if it was standard practice in the roofing industry not to have a face-to-face with the customer to explain the bid, scope of work and roofing products that would be used.
Not being directly associated with our roofing department; I couldn’t tell him what the competitions normal practices were; but assured him our associate would visit with him and discuss his proposal in detail and go over any questions or concerns he may have.
But, now I was curious; just what was normal?  So, I called a few folks we had done roofs for, and asked about their experiences with other roofers bidding.  SURPRISE ME……it seems that IT IS normal practice in the industry to just mail bids with no face-to-face contact.  They seem to expect a customer will sign a multi thousand dollar bid without contact of any sort....I WAS AMAZED!!!

So I got back to my friend and asked to see the proposals he had received.  Even I couldn’t tell exactly what he would have gotten from any of the other companies.  I guess I just don’t understand this part of the industry, but I can sure tell you that if it were my roof I would want more a whole lot more detail before parting with my hard earned cash!
Why choose Dalco for your new roof?
1.      You WILL have a face-to-face meeting with an experienced associate who will explain in detail what each line item of your proposal means.
2.      If you have ventilation issues, these will be discussed with you and an appropriate product selected to correct the situation.
3.      Your installation will be performed by experienced, well train roofing installers.
4.      Your property will be thoroughly cleaned of job related debris and hauled away.
5.      Dalco is fully insured for your protection.
6.      All protrusions, valleys, flashing will be handled according to strict manufacturers requirements and specifications.
7.      You will receive a written non-prorated labor warranty.
8.      Dalco is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association.
9.      Dalco is a Platinum Preferred contractor with Owens Corning.
10.   We have experience working with most homeowners insurance.
11.   We will even provide a list of installed projects for your drive by inspection AND with Dalco, your in home estimate is FREE.
So, before you sign a roofing contract….KNOW WHAT YOU'RE PAYING FOR! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Need My Kitchen Remodeled, Now What?

With all the information available to us, it still amazes me the number of calls we get: “I hired ‘some guy’ to remodel my kitchen and he’s half done, it’s been four weeks and I haven’t seen him in two….I need someone to come and finish the job!”.
Folks….do a little research and don’t hire the guy that was referred by a friend of someone who did a job for the next door neighbor of someone who works with a buddy your uncle plays golf with!
Referrals are one of the number one sources we get most of our business.  It’s a compliment to any company when its customers think highly enough of the work that’s been done to pass on their name.  Just make sure it’s a first had referral.
Check what others have to say about the company you’re interested in by checking a few of the dozens of review sites.  Yellow Pages, Google, City Search and others have easily accessible sites that give reviews on hundreds of companies around the area.
There is also the BBB; even though the BBB doesn’t post positive reviews.  They can give additional valuable information regarding the company’s history and size, among other things.
Find out how long a company has been in business and what is their in house design and install experience?  Quite a few dealers have added installation in order to make ends meet; this doesn’t mean they know anything about the ins and outs of kitchen installations.
Now you’ve done your homework and narrowed the choices; it’s time to call for some appointments.
Insist your consultation take place in your home and NEVER pay for this service.  Why in house?  No one can give you anything resembling a complete quote until a job site survey is completed.  If the company wants to charge for this….walk away!  Find out if there will be a design fee.  Some companies will charge upwards of $600 for this service, they do this to “lock you in”. 
Next, you have to feel comfortable with the company.  If you are being subjected to hard sell tactics, invite the company to leave.  And, watch out for the old ‘if you buy tonight, we can offer X% off’ or ‘let me call my manager’.  This is the old tin man style of selling, outdated, insulting and worst of all; you never know what your true cost might have been.
You’ve done your homework, checked reviews and you feel you’ve made a good choice of companies.
Now it’s time to TRUST.  Your designer will help take you through the maze of products, will work with you on budget and ultimately you will end up with a kitchen you will be proud of and you will know you were instrumental in the final product.
The end reward is worth the effort!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Just this week we did two job site surveys for three bathrooms our clients had requested we use the liner method instead of replacement.
As per one of our former blogs, there is a time and place for liners as this may be a perfectly good solution to a given issue. But, often we find it is'nt.
Below are a few photos of these surveys.  Two photos of tubs, a shower floor and a behind the wall view, at the shower.
The first photo shows, water has gotten behind the tile as evidenced by significant grout discoloration.  The valve is also in need of replacement.  Note too, the significant water damage around the insert soap holder.  With this much damage, replacement of the wall board behind the tile is a strong probability. 
In the second we see a stone style base, probably from the 60’s.  The client had already taken down portions of the wall to determine damage.  With the shower pan leakage showing from basement below, the sub floor under the shower must be replaced.
Another view (3rd) of the same shower shows mold growth in the insulation (right hand end of shower).  Not readily noticeable, is rot of the wall plate.  You could cover these issues up, but do you really want to?  Our client decided to replace.
The last tub photo is'nt in nearly the condition as the others.  However, upon inspection, we again see discoloration of the grout at the first and second rows of tile a clear sign of water leaking behind the tile.  What the extent of damage may be to the wall is unknown without removing some of the tile.  Given the visable discoloration and the desire for a new tub/shower valve this customer has opted to go with a new surround.
As we’ve said, there are times when liners are a good idea and Dalco is happy to oblige in these circumstances. 
However, if your bath or shower resembles these, beware.  The one product liner companies have a vested interested in selling that product.  A real remodeling company offers a range of products and will present SOLUTIONS, not just COVER UPS.

Note water damage at tile and soap dish

In basement below, subfloor shows damage

Mold growth in insulation

Grout is discolored from water leaks

Thursday, July 28, 2011


We all have them and many of us seldom use them…Entry Doors.
You know who you are…you pull in the garage and go in through a side door, kick off your shoes to sit down and relax a while.
But, then come the holidays, or a few friends are coming over, or maybe just the pizza delivery guy and you go to the front door.  And, to your embarrassment the thing sticks, the knob barely works, it’s dragging a scratch in the floor or the surface is pealing. 
Well, that front door says a lot about who we are and how we live.  A worn, faded, pealing front door is like going to a job interview with holes in the elbows of your jacket….not good!
And, what about energy loss in the hot and cold seasons?  Can you see light around the door when it’s closed?  If you can, dollar bills are simple floating away…the gas & electric company sure love you!
Time to change that thing out!  Give us a call, the in home estimate is FREE!
Select from steel or fiberglass entry door systems, most qualify for energy tax credits, all will cut your energy loss and save you bucks.  And, you no longer have to be embarrassed to have your friends come in through that old builder grade door installed decades ago.
We can offer you a large selection of doors to fit most every budget.  All are insulated and have up to date weather stripping, you may even add decorative lights (windows for us normal people); new hardware in all the latest styles and colors that even the rainbow is envious of.
Don’t wait too long, the energy credits are set to expire at the end of the year and you’ll miss your chance to save this extra cash!
Fiberglass and Steel Entry Doors by Dalco Home Remodeling, check us out, www.dalcohomeremodeling.com.
Mike N.

Monday, July 25, 2011


We’ve all seen the ads; someone in a freshly pressed white shirt and slacks rings the door bell and in a flash there appears a brand new, pristine bathroom right down to the new paint.  If life and remodeling could be as easy as TV makes it look!
Ask yourself, is a liner even possible in my bathroom?  Let’s face it, you know what your bathroom looks like and if putting a liner on the tub and walls could solve your problem, you’d have done it years ago.
Let’s look at your tub walls.  You’ve probably got tile and had some minor leaks over the years.  You patched with grout or caulk but still small leaks keep popping up.  What do you think the walls behind the tile look like by now?
Probably DISGUSTING!  And….You may have mold, or even worse termites or carpenter ants. 
Do you really want to cover this up?
You don’t have tile?  You’ve got one of those big plastic inserts with all the caulk, soap dishes, & grab bar….guess what?  You can’t line that thing anyway!
And…what about your tub or shower floor?  Ask the liner salesman, how do you make it fit?  ‘Oh!...we custom make the liner to exactly match your tub, it’s then glued in and then you have a nice new tub’.
Really?...We’ve been removing tub liners over the last couple of years and found they have a very bad tendency to leak water at the drain area between the liner and the existing tub.  That sounds wonderful…. a squishy tub floor; and eventually mold soup!
And, how much is this problem waiting to happen?  Don’t take our word for it; get a quote.  Don't be shocked when you hear, '$4000.00, but it'll only take a couple of days'!
Shoot, we can do a new tub and drain, replace your valve, install new water resistant wall board and install cultured marble; and, you could out to dinner for that kind of money!
So, why does Dalco even offer liners?  Like all absolutes, there are no absolutes and on occasion the bath really does just need a face lift. 
We don’t use the cheap plastic liners; we will not line the tub (we don’t want to be back in a year with an unhappy customer).  We will line thin set tile walls or cultured marble that may have suffered minor none water damage or perhaps is just out of style.  We go over these with a solid surface style material that is a substantial 3/8” thick, trim it out and, install matching accessories; and even a matching vanity top if your desire.
AND…Our liner installation really does only take one day and by the same time next day you will be enjoying your updated bathroom.
So, not all liners are created equal when you know the facts!
Mike N


Thursday, July 21, 2011


We are finding more and more people calling in asking about cabinet refacing and they are telling us they had a granite or quartz top installed a year or two earlier.  Now they want new cabinets and have been told the top can't be removed.  We are in complete agreement, trying to remove a stone top and reusing it is very risky, our policy is we won't remove one either.  So what is the customer, who now wants to update the look of their cabinets to do?

Well refacing may just be the ticket.  But, not just any refacing!  Watch what you're being offered.  You may end up worse off than before!

Many of our competitors still use plastic laminates.  Plastic, is durable!  But, durable aside, plastic probably isn't the look you have in mind!

At Dalco our refacing system uses real hardwood doors and drawer heads and wood veneer overlay for the frames.

And, with Dalco refacing we offer a mind bending number of wood species, colors and door styles to choose from.  If we don't have what you're looking for, it quite likely isn't available.

And, the finished product?   We let our jobs speak for themselves.  Your are welcome to visit our web page http://www.dalcohomeremodeling.com/, click the kitchen tab, go to the refacing gallery and see just a few of the transformations we have done in the last few months.

Call us at 314-298-7300 or visit our web page and request your free in home estimate.  We can take what you thought you were stuck with and turn it into the dream kitchen you were hoping for.

'And, remember if you buy from someone else and find out how much Dalco could have saved you, you'll probably blow your stack!'

Mike N.